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Super Kaiju Satın Al

Super Kaiju

Super Kaiju – the greatest and most anticipated sports tournament on the planet is here!Fight for fame and fortune as one of the elite mech-monsters known as Kaiju in an exciting battleground designed to test your skills and resolve. Fight in multiple environments including harsh volcanoes spewing rivers of lava that bubble in a fiery maelstrom across the arena, to a frozen sea of icebergs, this is where two Kaiju enter - one Kaiju leaves!This is the Thunderdome!Made exclusively to take full advantage of Virtual Reality, Super Kaiju is a fast-paced, highly accessible arena shooter. In the best tradition of the arcade games of old, the core ..

  • Oyun Adı: Super Kaiju
  • Tür: Aksiyon
  • Geliştirici: Directive Games Limited
  • Çıkış Tarihi: 6 Ara 2016
  • Super Kaiju
  • Super Kaiju
  • Super Kaiju
  • Super Kaiju
  • Super Kaiju
  • Super Kaiju

Super Kaiju - 18,00 TL

18 16.2
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