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Final Approach Satın Al

Final Approach

Two Games for the Price of One- Final Approach: Pilot Edition includes a copy of the original Final Approach for Tracked Motion Controllers. If you already purchased the original Final Approach, check your library for your free copy of Final Approach: Pilot Edition Take control of the skies like never before in a full Virtual Reality world! Airplanes on fire, commuter aircraft low on fuel, mid-air collisions, emergency rescues, and military exercises all need your immediate attention. Manage your aircraft and airports in "God Mode" as you tower over large metropolitan airports, tropical islands, and..

  • Oyun Adı: Final Approach
  • Tür: Aksiyon
  • Geliştirici: Phaser Lock Interactive
  • Çıkış Tarihi: 4 Nis 2016

Final Approach - 24,00 TL

24 20.4